Introducing Savills Resident Solution services

25 April 2017

Savills Vietnam is launching Resident Solution Services in your building. Reliable, practical support for you and your apartment is available now. Please see below for details on how we may help:

1. Repair upon requests

  • Mechanical, electrical systems (M&E) and maintenance works in your apartment: Electricity, water, fridge, intercom, fire detector, aircon, kitchen hood, TV, wifi, etc.
  • Also: Cabinets, tables, chairs, wood floors, windows etc.

2. Term Maintenance & Householder Representation (Full Package)

  • Regular maintenance: Periodically check and service M&E items as required and any other household needs.
  • Representation: on behalf of the householder, handle apartment related issues such as temporary residence; payment of electricity bills, internet, cable TV. Manage charges from tenants, etc.

3. Apartment Construction and Renovation Services

  • Small-scale construction and renovation: small works, painting, waterproofing, wood flooring, kitchen installation, shower and bathroom upgrades. etc.
  • Large-scale construction and renovation: design, build, finish redesign and/or extension.

Savills Vietnam, is the leading property management company in Asia and Viet Nam and we ensure:

Hands-on experienced technical personnel

  • Specialized technicians, experienced in managing and delivering solutions on time
  • Comprehensive knowledge of systems and personnel
  • Professional attitude and working style representing established building policies

A clear and transparent warranty policy

  • Warranty on installation and genuine supplies.
  • Professional liability insurance.
  • Guaranteed security for works inside and outside the apartment

Economical and time saving service

  • Competitive price, preferential 5-10% service fee (if material supply is required)
  • Value-added service: 10% discount for one year contract
  • Commitment to meet customer requirements in the quickest time
  • Allows you to fully relax knowing your home is in good hands

Added benefits

  • Maintains and develops full potential in property value.
  • Ongoing service to minimise daily concerns and maximise life span of household fittings and equipment.

For more information and consultancy, please contact us by

Tel: +84 (8) 73033979



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