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Savills has a dedicated team of researchers who focus on the commercial property markets in Europe. With a network of offices in nine European countries, Savills European research team to monitor and analyse markets and trends in the entire European real estate world. The team's expertise is used to improve Savills services and we also offer bespoke research services to our clients.

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Investment Market monthly Germany - October 2017
06 November 2017

Cyclical peak reached in the commercial market? Weakest monthly volume since 2014


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Sustainability Briefing: FiTs - generating additional income

10 March 2010

Considering that Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) come into effect on the 1st April, little is still known of the value benefits it can offer property investors/ owners. The potential returns associated with the scheme were boosted by the tariff rates recently publ


Commercial Development Activity

08 March 2010

Sharpest rise in commercial development activity since May 2007. February data indicated that growth of overall activity was largely driven by increased work on private sector projects.


Economic Watch

01 March 2010

Brussels gives the green light to NAMA in a week where more business are forced into liquidation, the pace of private sector credit continues to decline and the State is forced to take a 15.7% in Bank of Ireland...


Market in Minutes: Commercial

01 March 2010

Despite the prospect of rising gilt yields property will continue to prove attractive. Prime yields, on the whole, held in February with only


Industrial Market Watch

17 February 2010

Take-up levels are expected to come under further pressure, with rental deals dominating transactions. The fact that the largest deal made up almost 20% of total take-up in 2009, means that there is a risk that overall take-up could in fact be lower in terms o


Netherlands Market Insight

17 February 2010

Over 2009 the Dutch economy shrunk by an unprecedented 4%. This steep fall of the Dutch economy seems to have come to an end and key indicators, like export and industrial production, are bottoming out. This indicates that 2010 will show better figures and consumer trust is anticipating on this, with a climb from -24 to -7 in the last 3 months. However, actual consum


Edinburgh Office Survey

16 February 2010

“2010 will be the best year of this cycle for occupiers to capitalise on attractive terms on which to acquire new office space.” S


Economic Watch

15 February 2010

Concerns about the extent of problem with the Greek public finances escalated last week. This kept the euro under pressure and caused speculation about continued Greek membership of the euro... but the EU/ECB will back Greece as protecting the currency remains a top


Madrid office market - Q4 2009

15 February 2010

Private national investors will continue to dominate the CBD and force yields downward. This will lead international funds to focus more on decentralised prime locations, where lot size will automatically select the investo


Sweden Investment Bulletin

15 February 2010

“In spite of weak annual performances, investment activity increased on average by 30% each quarter in 2009. Still, we believe the market will still have to face some difficulties in 2010.”


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